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Client Matters
What do people come to therapy for?
Many of the people I work with struggle with a sense of disjoint.  Something is not right, they don't feel like themselves, or they've lost their true north.  This can result from any number of factors, such as when people:
  • Experience a crises (a loss, a move, a medical diagnosis, etc.);
  • Find themselves in the middle of a challenging life passage (a new baby, retirement, etc.)
  • Struggle with a current or past relationship;
  • Feelthemselves to be 'different' from others - or actually know themselves tobe;
  • Suffer the legacy of a childhood which undermines their sense of belonging, and their ability to reach out to others.
Not everyone I work with is in pain, however.  I also work with people who celebrate a robust  connection with the world - who  simply wish to extend their reach, and become more effective at sharing their  bounty.
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