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Self Help and "Preventative" Psychotherapy
There is so much happening in the world of self-help that it is easy to become overwhelmed.  But just because our potential for growth is overwhelming, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
Below are a handful of resources for each of three categories which serve as the cutting edge of mental health research.  They are offered in the spirit of giving you an opportunity to dip a toe in the water, without having to commit to a swim.
Self-help literature cannot replace the value of a robust therapeutic relationship, but much has been learned about the human brain these last many years, and it changes the way we look at who we are. 
Ultimately,  brain-based research  both affirms traditional  psychotherapy, and pushes it forward.  At the same time, it integrates psychotherapy with the wisdom of ancient texts and Far East practices.  As such, the focus of mental health is slowly shifting away from the medical model of diagnoses and treatment, towards a wellness model which encourages us to power up our brains, our minds, and our relationships. 
Whether you choose to work on your own or in the company of a skilled professional, the following short-list of self-help resources is offered as an option to enhance your journey.
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