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  • Parenting Through the Pass: A Worshop for Separated and Divorcing Parents
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  • Parenting Through The Pass
A Psycho-educational and Experiential Workshop for Separated and Divorcing Parents 
Most parents would throw themselves in front of a truck to save their off-spring from harm, but
they often feel helpless when it comes to saving their children from the wheels of divorce. 
Roughly 40-50% of marriages end in divorce in California. While an estimated 50% of these separations are amicable, it is likely that anywhere from one quarter to one half of California’s children are at risk from well-meaning parents who simply do not have the wherewithal – the understanding or the resources – to attend to their children’s needs at this critical juncture.
Parenting Through The Pass (PTP) is designed to address this problem.  The workshop is based on Kids' Turn, a model program from the San Francisco Bay Area which has been shown to effectively minimize the impact of divorce on children.*  It accomplishes this goal by offering perspectives and skill-sets to parents which maximize their ability to move beyond conflict to a newly structured family life, while at the same time staying tuned to their children's emotional and developmental needs.
Participating parents will complete the program knowing how to: 
  • Recognize and respond to their children’s needs as the family redefines itself
  • Address children's questions regarding separation/divorce in age appropriate ways
  • Minimize combative impulses resulting from the stress of separation/divorce
  • Speak to hot-topic issues (with children and/or their other parent) in a coherent manner
  • Model self-care and a healthy, emotional response to life
As a facilitator for the parenting component of Kids Turn for many years, I am pleased to be able to offer PTP to Sacramento area mothers and fathers.
Offered in a Small Group Format**
Contact me for a copy of the workshop brochure,
  and upcoming schedule dates:
(530) 863-9499
$35 per 2 hour session
+ $3 materials fee for each of five sessions, or
$10 for one time materials fee
Seating limited to 10 participants.
**Also offered as a series of individual
consultation appointments, with or
without your child(ren)’s other parent
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* See for outcome research
Parenting Through the Pass
One-time Materials Fee
Price: $10.00
Parenting Through the Pass
Per Session Materials Fee
Price: $3.00
Parenting Through the Pass
One-Time Session Fee
Price: $35.00
Parenting Through the Pass
One Payment fee for all 5 Sessions (10% discount) + Materials Fee
Price: $167.50
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